sobota, 29 grudnia 2012


So all is fine, I'm still finishing my Christmas meals [traditional 12 meals for Christmas eve is enough to last through January] In other news I'm still trying to set up my sewing place - for half a year I'm unable to sew anything and my depression kicks back. Yet being unable to sew doesn't mean I'm not being creative.

I still need to find bits of brown leather for soles. The funny thing is that I'm not overly happy with the vest and the shoes, but I like the set. It was fun to make, and didn't take as much time as I thought it would.

In other news my list of what to sew keeps getting longer and longer.

środa, 18 lipca 2012

Sewing vs me

I'm learning how to sew. First tries don't look bad, the second look worse. The worst is that I still can't get my camera to take pictures with colors even close to real. Examples:
First set consisting of white tshirt, red shorts, cap and bag. Red on the photo is not even close to red in reality, which is much lighter and more orange. Shorts were the first thing I had sewn on my new sewing machine. Cap and bag are a failed result of resizing Barbie-sized patterns; I still need some kind of a buckle to finish the bag.

Flowers on this dress are not as bright and are much paler. It's quite cute and perfect for the summer.

Third try is a charm - second photo is closest to reality. The pants are light pink and are my newest sewing project; it came out rather well, despite my inability to sew symetrical pockets on the back. Oh well, the next should come out better. I'm even scared to touch my camera to take photos of the outfit commisioned by a friend xD